Roaming Georgia: BAPS

Photo belongs to BAPS SHRI SWAMINARAYAN MANDIRPhoto by Virginia BabrePhoto by Virginia BarbrePhoto belongs to BAPS SHRI SWAMINARAYAN MANDIR

Self-transcendence is described as a mystical state of going beyond one’s self, leaving your physical state of being and rising to an elevated existence outside of the body. It can even be described as a meditative state for some. In the dictionary of my mind what I just portrayed is my definition of the word travel. To travel is more than filling up at a gas station and going from point A to B. It’s more than waiting out delays at an airport with an awful book you picked up with a bottle of water and a Toblerone bar.  When we travel we are experiencing another realm of existence outside of our everyday lives. It allows us the experience to not only see new places and people, but it lets us feel those places and people. To feel them is the start of your transcendence. However you don’t always have to trek off to far-away lands to find this Zen-like  state and it is with that, that I give you a few pieces of my own moments of adventure and mystical findings right here in Georgia. I call it Roaming Georgia.


A Mandir is a Hindu place of worship or temple. Their website describes it as “a haven for spirituality and a place of paramount peace” and that is exactly what you will find when you visit. I won’t bother with listing all the details here because it’s truly something to find out on your own. However, I can’t help sharing with you that it took 1.3 million man hours of volunteer work and over 34,000 hand-carved pieces of stone to create this majestic beast. Each piece was shipped from India and built right here in Lilburn Georgia. It’s a 25 minute drive from the Metro area. Seriously just go see it. It’s right next to the CVS.

Go be the explorer you were meant to be. Your link to Zen: