It has been said that if you can’t visit Europe that a trip to Charleston is the most European experience you’ll find in America. I was born here in Charleston and have lived continuously within less than twenty miles of that spot all of my life. I am a firm believer that you can spend your entire lifetime right here and never “see it all”.

Conde Nast readers have rated Charleston their top pick U.S. city three times in a row and have even chosen Charleston more than once as their top pick city worldwide! You’ll receive a wealth of information and hear interesting Charleston stories. A trip to Fort Sumter can also be a great addition to your visit. Beyond touring the site where the Civil War began, you’ll see Charleston from the beautiful harbor. The church steeples dominating the skyline will illustrate why Charleston is known as the Holy City.

These are merely a few suggestions for a weekend here in Charelston.

Waterfront Park

Walk the historic streets and take in everyday life as it happens here in The Holy City. Pick up a City Paper and find out what is local, late-breaking news and find out what events are taking place that week. The paper is issued every Wednesday so if Above all else, don’t be afraid to ask a local for recommendations! If all else fails every hotel front door or front desk is a wealth of information.

If arriving by plane at the Charleston International Airport, I suggest arranging transportation to the historic district through Charleston Downtown Limo. Don’t let the name lead you to believe you’ll spend a fortune. They’re able to have a Lincoln Town Car or Lincoln Navigator waiting for you with a professional driver when you touch down for the same cost as an ordinary taxi service. They’re also willing to help you with dinner plans, daily entertainment ideas, and sight-seeing.

Don’t hesitate to ask about a discount for pre-arranging your pick up from the airport and your return to the airport following your stay. Having a transportation plan in advance will not only save you a headache, but can actually save you money. (Please excuse the mess at the airport as heavy construction is underway as the airport receives a $162.5 million dollar renovation!)

If arriving by train, the above car services are also recommended. The train station is in an area that I will admit is not glamorous by any stretch of the imagination. However, taking the train has gained popularity and it certainly is an adventure that can save you money! There is no need to feel unsafe, but the outdated station may be an eyesore to you!

If arriving by car, be prepared with a plan to park it. I do not suggest finding a metered spot with intentions of feeding the meter throughout the weekend. It isn’t typically easy to find a spot and it won’t add any fun to the trip when you’re checking constantly to see if you’ve run out of time. Trust me, if you employ this parking method for your stay you will find yourself with a lovely parting gift from the city – a hefty ticket. Instead, I suggest confirming parking with your hotel in advance. I stress in advance – do yourself a favor and find out if there is parking available at the hotel and how much it will cost you daily. I am all about eliminated unexpected surprises!

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