JoJo is Back with 'III'
8.8Overall Score
When Love Hurts9.5
Save My Soul9.3
Say Love7.5
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“I know why the caged bird sings, because she freakin has to.”

After years of struggling to get her previous label to release her material, JoJo makes a triumphant return on her Atlantic Records debut with III, or “Tringle”, a collection of three singles. You can stream them over at her official site, or using the Spotfiy player. You can also purchase the collection at Amazon or iTunes.

JoJo, now signed to Atlantic Records, has been recording her third full length album. She previously released the mixtape Can’t Take That Away From Me in 2010 and Agápē in 2012. In 2004 she released her self-titled debut and in 2006, her sophomore effort The High Road.

“I’m nervous in a way — I just set a high standard for myself and also I want to impress my fans. They really deserve everything and more, so I want to deliver to them.”

It has been almost a decade since her last album, and now that caged bird is free, she is singing her heart out! The collection of three singles, dubbed a ‘Tringle,’ features the mid-tempo ‘Save My Soul,’ the ballad ‘Say Love,’ and the radio single and dance track ‘When Love Hurts.’

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